Michelle: Thank you for the excellent injury prevention program for our lacrosse team. As opposed to traditional haphazard warm up routines, the program has been clinically proven to reduce injuries while preparing athletes to play. And while at first a little resistant to doing something new and non-traditional, our players came to enjoy the routine. Thank you so much again for helping us have a successful, almost injury free season!
Dr. Brad Dyer
President of All Star Pediatrics
and Coach of Coventry Lacrosse
U18 Program

Patient Education

Kinetic Physical Therapy’s Adolescent Sports Medicine Program is founded on evidence-based practice. We aim to incorporate the highest quality evidence into the management of our young athletes. We strive to thoroughly educate our athletes, parents, and coaches in order to allow a safe and timely return to sport. We use this evidence in conjunction with quality education and excellent communication between the entire interdisciplinary team (PT, athletic trainer, coach, physician, personal trainer, massage therapist).

The Adolescent Sports Medicine Program at Kinetic Physical Therapy aims to address 4 main pillars through specialty services. These pillars include: patellofemoral pain, post-concussion syndrome, ACL injury, and injuries in the overhead athlete. Although we treat athletes with all types of injuries, we have specialty services to manage these conditions. We use a variety of video feedback, gait analysis, manual therapy, and exercise to address the deficits causing this dysfunction. We have a variety of evidence-based protocols also available to manage these young athletes. Examples of special services include:

Patellofemoral pain:

  • Sport specific hip and core strengthening
  • Dartfish video gait analysis
  • Biomechanical foot assessment
  • Jumping and landing assessment

ACL injury prevention and return to sport program:

  • Kinetic Physical Therapy ACL injury prevention program
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Running, jumping, and landing video analysis


  • Full vestibular and cervical spine evaluation
  • Return to sport programming
  • ImPACT testing (if necessary)
  • Access to a sports medicine orthopedist and concussion specialist
  • Program designed to decrease likelihood of concussion

Overhead and throwing injuries:

  • Baseball, swimming, volleyball screen including Throwing injuriesthrowing/pitching or swim stroke analysis if applicable
  • Overhead and scapular kinematic analysis
  • Sport specific core and hip strength assessment
  • Video analysis as needed


Additional specialty areas:

  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD/jaw pain)
  • Growth plate injuries
  • Lumbar spine instability/spondylolisthesis
  • Hip impingement/labral tears