Thank you to Michelle and her team for visiting our camp and sharing valuable information on injury prevention with our athletes!  As a camp director it’s great to bring in experts such as Kinetic to provide additional information.  Their positive and engaging attitudes also allow even the younger athletes to learn and connect with the material shared.  We look forward to the next opportunity to work together!
Andreas Wochtl
AW Hockey Skills
and The Lab Training Center

Our Mission

The Adolescent Sports Medicine Program at Kinetic Physical Therapy provides injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, return to sport, and sports performance training with a special emphasis on the principles of adolescent growth and development. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of local young athletes primarily by providing thorough, specialized, and comprehensive physical therapy and sport specific training services delivered by specially trained healthcare providers. This program aims to prevent athletic injuries, identify the at-risk athlete, enable the injured athlete to get back on the field in a safe and timely manner, and to enhance overall athletic performance by improving confidence, awareness, and education of athletes, coaches, and parents and through close collaboration with referring physicians.

Each athlete will receive a sports specific assessment as well as an evaluation by an adolescent sports medicine physical therapist. Based on findings, an individualized program will be designed to improve movement patterns, address weaknesses, reduce injury risk, and enhance athletic performance.