Knee Valgus

KNEE VALGUS: what is it, what causes it, how do we fix it?

The knee is one of the most often injured joints, especially among the athletic population. One potential cause of this is a valgus position at the knee, which occurs when the knee collapses in toward the midline, or center of the body.

This can be pretty problematic as its been linked to ACL injuries and knee pain. The vast growing body of evidence associates excessive knee valgus to hip muscle weakness, and more specifically, to poor motor control and body awareness at the hip. Therefore it is important to address hip impairments to benefit the knee’s integrity as to promote injury prevention.

Furthermore it is paramount for athletes, especially female athletes, to assess and improve her hip mechanics to prevent knee valgus. This can be done with a slow motion analysis of an individual’s knee positioning. The health care provider is watching to see if the athlete’s knees turn in toward each other, past the big toe or for any unsteadiness and or trunk lean. These are positions the athlete wants to attempt to avoid. The body will naturally react to the bad forces to retrain the muscle and brain to perform in the correct movement pattern.

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