Michelle: Thank you for the excellent injury prevention program for our lacrosse team. As opposed to traditional haphazard warm up routines, the program has been clinically proven to reduce injuries while preparing athletes to play. And while at first a little resistant to doing something new and non-traditional, our players came to enjoy the routine. Thank you so much again for helping us have a successful, almost injury free season!
Dr. Brad Dyer
President of All Star Pediatrics
and Coach of Coventry Lacrosse
U18 Program
Kid’s Corner
boy_girl_soccerKid’s Corner is the young athlete’s place to learn new ways to stay healthy, improve performance, and challenge your mind. Take your health into your own hands with our easy to implement health, injury prevention, and exercise tips. Track how you stack up against other athletes and earn Adolescent Sports Medicine gear as you make healthy lifestyle changes.

New research shows that physical activity (with guidance) helps improves outcomes after a concussion.
Mindful meditation is vital to your health! Check out app’s such as Headspace for guidance.
Sleep is more important than last minute cramming. Lack of sleep can decrease your memory.
Complete a thorough dynamic warm up before all activity to prevent injury.
Drinking lemon water can help boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, aid in digestion, rejuvenate your skin, and much more.

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