Welcome to our new weekly blog series!

Kinetic Physical Therapy’s Adolescent Sports Medicine Program was founded to address the rehabilitation unique to the adolescent athlete.  Understanding that athletes require a different approach, the Adolescent Sports Medicine Program applies the best evidence when designing sport-specific rehabilitation and injury prevention programs.  These programs aim to educate athletes on his or her injury, the importance of a dynamic warm-up prior to participation, implement exercises to combat injuries, and discuss other strategies to keep the athlete healthy and on the field.  In addition to this, Kinetic Physical Therapy has a host of other services available to the athlete including: sports nutrition, Functional Movement Screens, and ImPACT concussion testing.

The goal of these posts is to keep the athlete, parent, and coach informed on important topics in sports.  We will address sports performance, nutrition, the mental aspect of sport, when to seek out a physical therapist for a consultation or evaluation, provide injury prevention strategies that the athlete can implement immediately, and dive in to specific injuries and our approach to managing them.  All of this information drives us towards our ultimate goal, to keep athletes pain-free and on the field.

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