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Nike Running App

nike-running-iconThe Nike Running app is great for tracking your run distance, time, and pace. It has three different run modes, a basic, timed, and distance run. The basic allows for the individual to control the distance during the run. The timed run sets a specific time, independent of distance.  The distance run is set for a predetermined distance by the user before beginning. One of the best features is the tracking of total distance and average pace by day, week, month, and year.  This is a free app, and a must for anyone with a passion for running.

MyFitnessPal App

Myfitnesspal logo

This is a nice app for individuals who are interested in tracking what goes into his or her body throughout the day. It breaks down food into all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and calories. Goal setting is another added feature. Whether the goal is to gain or lose weight MyFitnessPal can help achieve those goals. The individual is asked about daily activity level, job type, and current weight and then designs a plan based on the information. The only drawback is that unless exact food measurements are taken the data may not be perfectly accurate. If it is being used as a general tracker, great! Otherwise one may find themselves spending so much time tracking the food that they fail to enjoy it.

app-iconHaving trouble starting positive habits, or breaking bad ones? uses competition and community support to help individuals create and break habits. It is as simple as stating the habit you would like to create; yoga, meditation, drink more water, or exercise; and then check off daily as you complete the task. It has a streak system that calculates how many days in a row the task has been completed. As that number grows, the likelihood of an individual continuing to complete it also increases, therefore creating that positive habit. A section is available to ask questions and learn new strategies from other people who are attempting to create or break the same habits. This is a free app that is definitely worth trying out.