Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sleep Cycle App

sleep-cycleSleep Cycle – The goal of sleep cycle is self-explanatory; track an individual’s quality of sleep. The user’s sleep cycle is determined by tracking the amount of motion throughout the night, revealing the quality and quantity of sleep.  This is accomplished by placing a phone under the pillow with the app active for the entire night.  Results; including time in deep sleep, time awake, quality of sleep, and number of hours slept; are available upon waking and also stored for future reference.  It is debatable whether the app is able to accurately measure the different phases of sleep.  However, if nothing else it can benefit the user by keeping him or her interested in sleep habits. This app costs a one-time fee of $2.99.

Headspace Meditation App


Headspace – Need some time to clear your mind?  Headspace offers ten minute guided meditations to help you deal with the stress of life. The app is free for the first ten meditations, but costs $12.95 a month after that. However, there are different billing options that can decrease the price to as low as $6.24 a month. The apps best feature is the smooth calming voice of the guide. Just listening to him talk lowers stress instantly! This is one of the pricier apps we have reviewed, and would be the only real drawback to picking this app up and sticking with it.